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– “Sum Dei – The Fallen” by Calvin Ellis, takes you into the world of ordinary people, reacting to an extraordinary person. There are many questions raised, but the simplest one is the one oft neglected.

What would you do?

Follow this story as it brings you deep into what is sure to be an enjoyable, adventurous time.

[Ellis, Calvin (31 October 2013). Sum Dei – The Fallen (Digital Novella). Mere Fyrn. pp. 82 pages.].


– “Cairo” by Calvin Ellis is a tale of two couples. One, married and raising a daughter, have nothing to complain about. For them, life couldn’t get any better. The other couple, the flirty twenty-something’s, have found a reason to stop the lies. The past meets the present in this timeless, futuristic take on love, society and the ultimate sacrifice.


[Ellis, Calvin (31 August 2013). Cairo (Digital Novella). Mere Fyrn. pp. 82 pages.].

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